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Helping you grow your business with Digital Marketing

Specializing in digital marketing & growth marketing consulting for startups, emerging and small businesses


We provide a range of digital marketing and growth marketing services to help you grow your business online across Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and search engine rankings. We can help you reach your sales goals while remaining within your budget.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Services include creating and launching brand new Google Ads accounts, managing and optimizing advertising campaigns, promoting your business across search and contextual networks, account audits, keyword research, ad copy, budget management, and more.

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Paid Social Advertising (Facebook & Instagram)

Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to deliver targeted ads to potential customers. I will help you develop highly targeted ads that capture high intent demand on Facebook and Instagram, leading to more sales and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I'll review your website, and help identify opportunities to improve website content, page titles, speed, and mobile experience, with the aim of increasing your visibility and position rankings in Google search engine results pages, maps, and local search.


My name is Nick Figueiredo

I'm a digital marketing consultant with 15 years of experience working across digital marketing channels.

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